We are a group of friends who became interested in camping after life taught us a lesson. In 2016, I was traveling with my family in Mexico. My father (a US marine), my mom and my sister took a fishing boat and started fishing near Loreto, Gulf of California. We were a little far from shore and didn’t notice the accumulation of stormy clouds till we decided to move towards the shore. But we were a little late. A storm was upon us and our boat was on the mercy of ruthless waters. The tide had set in and it was difficult for us to keep our balance on the boat.

I was 12 years old and didn’t know how to swim. One jump left me swinging inside the water. Next thing I remember was waking up inside the hospital. I came to know that my father dived after me and saved me from the sea.

This urged me to become fit and enhance my nature survival skills. My story inspired my group of friends and now we all take part in camping trips across North America.