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to assist widows and children of deceased members of The Royal Australian Regiment
(hereinafter referred to as the Regiment);
to assist the sick, wounded and needy among those who have served the Regiment;
to preserve and continue the memory of those who died during service with the
to perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by past and present members of the Regiment;
to guard and perpetuate the good name and preserve the interests of the Regiment;
to foster and develop, for historical purposes, articles, papers, photographs, journals,
memorabilia, artefacts and similar items occurring from the existence of the Regiment;
to foster and further ANZAC Day and its purpose; and
to upkeep and maintain the Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk.


Association Governance

To achieve our aims and to share the work responsibilities the Committee is structured with a Management Committee and the Chairmen of the sub-committees.
Area committees for North Queensland, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast ensures that the Association is represented state-wide.
The Committee meets at least four times a year. Queensland based RAR Battalion Association delegates (normally the President or Secretary) attend.

Faces of the RAR Association (Qld)



President: Kel Ryan

Deputy President: Russell Linwood, ASM

Vice President (NQ): Neil Schwebel

Vice President (Gold Coast): Alf Vockler

Secretary: Greg Decker

Treasurer: Phil Challands

Admin Officer: Dave McDonald

Curator: Paul (Wombat) Gallagher

Webmaster: Rick Hollingdrake, OAM

Newsletter Editor: Vacant

Welfare Officer: Ross Langford

ANZAC Day March Committee: Ross Langford

Committee: Trevor Pond

Publishing: Dan Penman

Immediate Past President: Ted Chitham MC, OAM



North Queensland

Chairman: Neil Schwebel

Sunshine Coast: Kevin Lynch

Gold Coast: Alf Vockler

Kilcoy Diggers: Rod Slater




Patron: Neil (Lofty) Eiby, OAM

Honorary Gardener: Peter Cundall, AM

Honorary Padre: Padre Peter Devenish-Meares

Honorary Solicitor: John Cockburn

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Last Updated: 4 October 2017

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