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Outdoor Fitness Preparedness – Treadmills…

I must confess at the very beginning that I was never quite fond of working out, and my brother was the one who convinced me that it was indeed beneficial for my health. However, I informed him at the very onset of his argument that I was not going to enroll in any of those neighborhood gyms. I thought this would be enough to dissuade him from trying to convince me any further but he persisted with me. He asked me to have a treadmill at my place because they are such wonderful pieces of fitness equipment. However, I live in a modest size apartment and a full-size treadmill will not have enough space in my living room. My brother had other plans and he presented me with a folding treadmill on my birthday, which has had a huge impact on my fitness and lifestyle since then.

Treadmill vs Running OutsideThe folding treadmill has been simply great for my living room because it has only a very limited amount of free space. Therefore, I did not intend to block that space with bulky fitness equipment all around the week. However, my treadmill poses no such problems for me. Being folding, the treadmill can collapse into a much smaller form when not in use. I usually train on my treadmill for around an hour in the morning and that too for six days a week. Thus, I can take out the treadmill and run on it for an hour before folding it back to its original form. My portable treadmill is extremely lightweight which makes it possible for me to carry it around the room and store it under the bed when not in use. This way I am able to save a lot of space in my small apartment, which the treadmill would otherwise have had eaten up.

Even though the folding treadmill is extremely light in weight, I can perform all the usual exercises that people perform on these machines. My treadmill has most of the features that are common in the treadmills these days. Thus, I can monitor my heart rate while I run on the track and the distance that I have covered as well. It also shows the estimated calories that I manage to burn in a single workout. Keeping my treadmill folded away under the bed also helps me in preventing my children from playing the jogging track. It also helps me in averting any injuries and other such mishaps concerning my children. The folding treadmill has been a dear friend to me, which has helped me to benefit my health from training on it without having to clutter my already packed apartment. I recommend folding treadmills to everyone facing a space constraint at their homes.

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5 Outdoor Woodworking Projects

  1. Timber Benches in Your Garden

Constructing timber benches in your garden are one of the easiest woodworking projects which takes just a few hours of time. It will also look very pretty having a wooden timber bench in your lush green garden where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. You just need to have some power tools experience or you may even learn it easily by searching a few tutorials online and you are ready to start your project. You can also find all required tools and materials which are easily available in the market.

  1. Folding Stools

Though making folding tools requires a much more effort than timber benches but it all worth it once you are done with this project. You would love your small, light weighted and easy carrying stools to place in your balcony or carry them to your beach party or camping trips or wherever you want and just enjoy without any worries. You just need to have some necessary tools like a drill and a saw cutter with measuring tools and wooden pieces to assemble the tools easily.

  1. Plant Stand

Well, it is also a good idea to build a plant stand where you can hang your small pots of different plants in a row either horizontally or vertically. I am sure it will look beautiful in your terrace or patio or you may even put in near the entrance gate of your home. And the good thing about this is that it is extremely easy to make in literally no time with one of the best wood planer. You just need a wood glue to stick smaller wooden plates to frame the stand and a drill to make a hole to hang the pots of plants. In the end, you can spray a white or golden colored paint to make it look more beautiful and give it a finished look.

  1. Picnic Table

It is an addition to timber benches with a table attached to the bench making it feasible to have some snacks with your loved ones in your garden and enjoy the summer evening with them. It is also a time taking process but I guess one complete day will be enough to make a picnic table but make sure to keep all necessary tools with you so as to not to waste time in finding tools.

  1. Easy Two Pieces Wooden Chair

Well yeah, it is easy to make a wooden chair in a cross shape with just two pieces of wood and keep them in your garden or terrace to enjoy a beautiful summer evening with your loved ones. Plus, it will also take just a few hours in building these chairs so it is one of the easiest woodworking projects just like timber benches. You just need to have a saw cutter with a woodcutter in tools to make these chairs and you can use spray paint to color them in the end. It will look simple yet very pretty addition in your garden.


Should You Use A Solar Powered Generator When Camping?

With the onset of the summer months, many of you will start planning vacations, picnics, outings and camping trips. The adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers will surely pack their bags and go camping to escape the usual routine and hectic and busy city life.

Camping gives you a chance to breathe the fresh air, to dwell in the beauty of nature, to interact with nature and the creatures. Interacting with nature has tons of benefits, you get to relax and rest, nature soothes you and refreshes your brain and senses, it is good for your health, you become more active, which is good for your physical and mental well-being.

The Importance of Power

Before you head on with your camping trip, you will need to keep a few things in mind. In this technological age, most people can hardly survive without their cell phones and tablets, but most camping sites and parks do not offer power. If you can survive without your social media then its fine but if you can’t then you should also carry a solar powered generator on your camping trip. We advice you browse around site like PlanetGenerators.com to find something that meets your needs.

Benefits of Power table Generator

There are many benefits of a portable solar generator while camping.

  1. It is portable and easy to carry. It comes in different sizes and you can choose according to your camping site, a number of people and convenience. It is also easy to fix and install, you just need to put the solar panels in the sun and join the sockets and enjoy free electricity.
  2. Apart from the initial purchasing costs, there are no other costs as the sun is free, so you will not need to pay for electricity.
  3. It is very low maintenance and does not require any extra precautions and care or safety measures. It is easy to handle and maintain, so it is best to carry and fix on any camping site and inside or outside the camps.
  4. You can charge your cellphones and tablets and watch the news, charge a small night light to be cautious from the insects or animals and can also charge a portable fan for hot summer nights. All in all, it will make your camping trip much more enjoyable and relaxing.
  5. Also, it is very eco-friendly and does not cause carbon emissions and severe noise just like its gas counterparts and can greatly reduce the carbon footprints.
outdoor survival


‘Life is not meant to be stayed at one place. We are born to travel, experience different cultures and then, form our opinion…’

I realized this statement a bit too late. I was a homely grown kid, who loved playing video games. My dad was in the US Marine Corps and mostly out of station so I didn’t grow the love of physical nature in my early years.

When I was 12 years old, I had a drowning experience. I remember a high wave rocking our fishing boat and me into the water. I also remember waking up from the accident and traumatized by the incident.

The year after my accident gave me nightmares. Sometimes I would close my eyes and feel unable to breathe. I started reading about the sea and how to make myself strong.

I found out that I am not the only one. If I had developed a fear of water, there were my friends who were hurt by a snake and who had their house tarnished by a tornado. Everyone was connected to nature and there was one common weakness in ourselves: We weren’t prepared.

All of us made a plan and we went to Yosemite National Park for camping. It was a fun experience. We gathered help from YouTube tutorials and lived for three days. We planned our next trip in Grand Canyon, however, we didn’t realize that had traveled too far. Our water supply got finished and we resorted to our surviving skills.

What were those surviving skills which helped us? What happened after the trip? How did we get sponsors who became interested in our initial stories?

I, along with my team, will answer these questions through our blog posts and make you excited about camping life. We hope to make our readers strong and promote the hobby of traveling.

Support our initiative by recommending our blog to your friends. Lots of love!